2016-2017 Fundraising Gratitude Report


International Play Iceland Conference

One of the primary goals of the fundraising campaign is to send our teachers to trainings and conferences around the world, so that they can bring back new knowledge and inspiration for their classes and everyone who works in the school. Every year, our teachers go to trainings and seminars focused on the Scandischool mission, whether it be to expand their knowledge of Reggio Emilia inspired, play-based education or to learn about the cutting-edge Forest School movement. 

In 2017, the Foundation sent two teachers to the International Play Iceland conference, where the theme was ‘Play is not doing, it is being’. They visited Icelandic schools and explored the idea of facilitating "free thinking, free flowing and self chosen actions", also known as play.


The Reggio Emilia Institute

Scandischool facilitates the magical process of childhood discovery through a simple philosophy, guided by Reggio Emilia principles: allowing children to express their natural curious and capable nature, spend abundant time outdoors, eat healthy food, and develop independence. Through your generosity, we sent 12 teachers to the Reggio Emilia Institute at Leslie University in Cambridge, Massachusetts where they deepened their understanding of the Reggio philosophy.



GROWING AND Enhancing our learning environment

Through your generosity in 2017, we were able to add additional classrooms of one and one-and-a-half year olds in 2018. We furnished their classrooms with special Play & Soft equipment that allows our littlest Scandischoolers to explore their growing mobility.

We were also able to purchase two beautiful Reggio-inspired light tables.




We owe you our deepest gratitude for all we did in the 2016-2017 school year!

Please visit our 2017-2018 Fundraising Campaign for updates on how you can get involved this year.