2018-2019 Fundraising Gratitude Report

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Reggio Emilia International STUDY TOUR

One of the primary goals of the fundraising campaign is to send our teachers to trainings and conferences around the world, so that they can bring back new knowledge and inspiration for their classes and everyone who works in the school. Every year, our teachers go to trainings and seminars focused on the Scandischool mission, whether it be to expand their knowledge of Reggio Emilia inspired, play-based education or to learn about the cutting-edge Forest School movement. 

In 2019, the Foundation is sending three teachers to the International Study Tour in Reggio Emilia conference, a study opportunity for deeper investigation into the concepts, contents, and values that are part of the educational project of the Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia.

The course has the aim of investigating the different professional educational profiles from many different points of view: responsibilities, roles, organization, strategies of work, collegiality, professional development and self professional development, research and projections of the work.



Scandi School facilitates the magical process of childhood discovery through a simple philosophy, guided by Reggio Emilia principles: allowing children to express their natural curious and capable nature, spend abundant time outdoors, eat healthy food, and develop independence. Through your generosity, we have been able to send our teachers to a variety of conferences this past year, including “The Role of Teacher as a Researcher” Conference in Asheboro, NC, The Blue School’s “Teaching Innovation Conference” in NYC, Fairydust Teaching Webinars, Teaching Beyond The Square “Adventures in Tinkering” Symposium to name a few.

Coming up is also a full staff participation in Sarah Lawrence College Nordic Symposium “Ensuring the "Good Childhood" in a World of Cultural and Technological Change: Expanding the Nordic-American Dialogue on Early Education” in April 2019. Through our work over the past 9 years, we have arrived at a point where we feel confident what we are doing can and should be shared “Beyond our Walls”. Only through your support have we been able to grow as a cohesive unit and team, not only by your monetary support of these initiatives and opportunities, but also by your constant cheering on when school is closed. We are forever grateful to work together with our families to ensure the growth of our school as a place for learning, not only for children but for our teachers and parents as well.




Through your generosity in 2018, we were able to send all staff to two Teacher Retreats at a alumni owned and operated Eastwind Hotel & Bar in the Catskills aimed at building understanding and awareness of the meanings and methods of education, the central qualifying points of the educational project, and the specific competencies of the various professional roles.”

We experienced 4 days of discussions, meditation & yoga, as well as some fun in the snow at beautiful Bearpen Mountain & Sports for some good old fashioned team building activities.

PD days bring us all together and make for a reenergized, inspired and close knit team.




We owe you our deepest gratitude for all we did in the 2018-2019 school year!

Please visit our 2019-2020 Fundraising Campaign for updates on how you can get involved this year.