The curriculum is based on an image of the child as creative, capable and inquisitive. Children are placed at the center of curriculum negotiations, the belief being that they learn best when their interests are acknowledged as worthy of investigation. Adopting a child-centred approach results in an authentically responsive curriculum model that ensures a dynamic and vibrant teaching and learning environment. We believe that in both small and large groups children learn through sharing, discussing, questioning, reflecting and engaging with their peers.



Teachers employ project based learning to support creative thinking and problem solving with many opportunities provided for in-depth inquiry into areas of study that are initiated by the children and teachers. The role of the teacher is to facilitate discussions, probe deeper into modes of inquiry, create provocations and discuss, document and reflect learning in a continual cycle. We also follow the Swedish tradition emphasizing the importance of play in a child’s development and learning, making learning through play another key component of the program.



The school provides homemade, organic and wholesome meals, which we enjoy together as a community. In addition, the children proudly help to make our own organic nut milks and participate daily in preparing food for their teachers and friends.