"Being able to partake in our professional development here at Scandi School has allowed, and continue to allow me, to realize that my learning and capabilities are limitless."  - Binta William



The funds raised through the Annual Spring Fundraiser are used to support diverse programming that aids our children in becoming independent, democratic, wholesome, and empathetic citizens of the world, while improving the SSJC community.



SSJC uses the funds raised to build, foster, and enhance the school in many ways:

Supporting Professional Development of the educators at SSJC, giving them an opportunity to embrace and incorporate the Reggio Emilia Approach into their daily routine

Expanding the Scholarship Fund to build and ensure a diverse student body

Upgrading Technological Resources and Equipment, including iPads, for every classroom to capture important moments, digital projectors to bring children’s work to a greater scale, and cameras for documentation

Improving Play Areas in the outdoor space

Growing an Edible Garden, supporting the school's homemade, organic & wholesome meals