Purposeful Play

When asked what we do in the reservoir, or how we are able to use play to support learning, there are many examples of how we can use the environment in ways that feel natural.

Uni is helping build a tent from a tarp.  Tool use is an important part of fine motor development.




This is a game called "Shop Keeper."  Lina acts as the shop keeper, to whom people come to buy tea.  Using seed pods, children learn counting and value.  Moreover, highly imaginative play with a variety of ascribed roles helps strengthen cognitive development


Here, Beck helps carry a basket of leaves to the composting area in order to assist the middle schoolers STEM project.  The terrain we encounter challenges our gross motor skills as well as encourages problem solving


Celeste develops a literacy game using the stumps.  These are multi-purposed materials that can be arranged in any number of combinations.