Get ready for Summer Camp at SSJC, 2019! With the success of our weekly themed Summer Camp in 2018, we are again offering individual weeks to families for either half and full-day schedules, starting June 10 and going until August 16, 2019.  In addition to weekly themes, children will have access to kitchen, backyard, and atelier spaces, as well as plenty of outdoor time in Jersey City and beyond. Each week will feature at least one field trip and plenty of take-home memories. For our families interested in our Forest Program, we are offering a special four-week Forest Summer Camp. 


Forest SUMMER camp

For our families interested in our Forest Program, we are offering a four-week Forest Camp this summer. Join us as we visit nearby parks and nature habitats to explore local flora and fauna. Children will take a bus to spend whole weeks at various locations, such as the marina and bird habitats at Liberty State Park and the marshes of Lincoln Park. They will become intimate with the unique natural features of each place. After spending the mornings on  site, they will return to school, where they will rejoin the regularly-themed camp activities, including games, crafts and sports.

*Please note, this program is for 4-6 year olds, and is not available as individual weeks. 



Our half day program (8:30AM-1:00PM) includes a morning snack, plus our chef prepared, plant-forward lunch, every day, and a variety of individual and collaborative projects meant to inspire the natural curiosity of children.  Whether exploring fabrics, full-body expression, or digging in our edible garden, each week, children will further their understanding through deep exploration of a topic.  Full day participants (8:30AM-5:30PM) have extended opportunities for this, as well as an afternoon snack in a mixed-age group setting.


A typical day at camp:

Free play:  Connect with peers and teachers in the classroom, exploring new materials.

Meeting and snack:  A time to sing, dance, do yoga, chat about the day, all while enjoying a fruit or homemade snack.

Project time:  Perhaps children will enter the atelier to spend time with our atelierista, or the kitchen to join our chef, or teachers will bring a special material to the classroom, where children will work and create together.

Outdoor time:  Being in nature is part of our daily routine, especially during the warm summer. Play at local splash pads, using the water in our backyard, and running in the grass can be expected each morning (even when it rains!).

Lunch:  Each meal is carefully crafted by our chef, often times using ingredients from our own backyard. Each class eats together, family-style, as to create community and unity.

Rest time:  Rest is an important way for our bodies to reset itself, even during the day. Children will take an age-appropriate amount of time, where they can lie down, read, sleep, or work quietly on a project. (Please note, this is for our full-day program, and happens following the 1:00PM pick-up)

Afternoon snack:  Children enjoy another healthy snack in the afternoon, sometimes one they made earlier in the day! 

Fritids:  Our afternoon program literally means 'free time', and is another opportunity for children to engage in free play, explore a new project or continue working on a previous one, or go back outside.



We’re looking forward to having you be a part of SSJC this summer. Discounts are available for Early Bird Families. 

Glad sommar!