"Reap what you sow." - Chinese Proverb

Our kitchen is the heart of our school, where we gather to prepare lunch, make the weekly bread, touch, taste and smell- exploring our senses, ending in a nutritious and satiating communal lunch. Here we offer opportunities for the children to help prep on a weekly basis.  We also offer open kitchen hours to parents who would like to come help with lunch preparations between 8:30 and 10:00AM, sharing menu ideas, passing a moment together to socialize and offering a platform above all for those who’d like to see the components of our nutrient dense dishes. We hold tasting events for our community, show casing our children's favorites and discussing nutrient content with our  dietician, Tamara Duker Freuman. As a registered dietitian (RD) with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition, Tamara is our go- to for expert advice on nutrient content and topics surrounding 'choosy eaters.'  Our communal mealtime and food cycle experiences allows the children to appreciate where their food comes from and where their waste goes to.





Tending to our garden has become an essential daily and seasonal ritual from our smallest members to our parents.  We observe the magic of the entire Food Cycle from seed transformation to planting, harvesting, preparation, eating and finally putting our food- waste through our worm composting bin, which in turn is worked into our soil, providing for a rich and happy home for our plants and an all encompassing experience for our children and community.  In addition to our children and teachers’ daily TLC, we also have a committed parent force via our Eco-Committee who meet regularly throughout the year, providing maintenance and support. We host workshops on composting and gardening, inviting local experts and experience trials and errors on our small urban patch- strengthening our green thumb every year.  


ECO-SCHOOLS Certification

Going hand in hand with our mission and curriculum, we are beginning this school year with the goal of receiving certification for our efforts in keeping a low carbon footprint.  This endeavor will require all hands on board. Through our Resource program, we take recycling to another level, using recycled materials to supplement our art projects and explorations as individuals and as a group.  Guided by our children, we aim to develop our water barrel, collecting rain water, reducing waste, composting, maintaining our edible garden, participating in our local parks in collecting trash and leaves, and campaigning against litter. Our community of parents and teachers include avid walkers and bikers, hybrid vehicle drivers, conscious of their  footprint.



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The Scandi School Kitchen is currently seeking a Culinary Intern or Landscaping/Agriculture/Botanist Intern interested in Sustainable Gardening and Food Preparation.

To schedule a visit or for more information on the internship and any other details about our food program, email us at the address below.