MONDAY 10/24 Spiced Pumpkin Soup w. Coconut Milk & Cilantro; served w. Home Made Bread (Mumindalen & Saltkråkan) and Raw Carrots

TUESDAY 10/25 Tempeh- Tofu Veggie Teriyaki

WEDNESDAY 10/26 ‘All the Colors of the Harvest’ Chili- 4 Beans, Root Veggies & Kale; served w. Home Made Bread and Raw Carrots

THURSDAY 10/27 Autumn Veggie Skillet w/ Sunchokes & Sage over Quinoa; served w/ Raw Carrots

FRIDAY 10/28 Pesto Pasta served w. Celery Root Salad tossed w/ Raisins (Thanks Dan Haag;) and Raw Carrots